Twice Escaped: The POW Story of P-47 Pilot Edward R. Kirkland

Today, April 9th, is National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day in the United States. On this day we remember and honor the service and sacrifice of our military men and women held captive against their will, some 500,000+ through American history.  A presidential proclamation was issued for this day:

The 371st Fighter Group had at least 20 pilots taken captive during World War II.  Several of these managed to escape and return to friendly lines.   A list of their names can be viewed at:

371FG 406FS Kirkland

First Lieutenant Edward R. Kirkland, from Coral Gables, Florida, flew in the 406FS and had an exciting story to tell after returning to the unit following his shoot down, capture and escape. As seen here, some things are better explained by hands. (The Story of the 371st Fighter Group in the E.T.O.)

The recently redesignated 142d Fighter Wing, still the 371st Fighter Group by another name, remembered one of theirs today, in “Twice Escaped: The Story of P-47 Pilot Edward R. Kirkland,” at:

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