The Sound of Thunder

Well, a Republic P-47 Thunderbolt that is! It was the fighter the 371st Fighter Group flew in World War II.

The P-47 was one of the main USAAF fighter planes in World war II, powered by a 2,000 horsepower Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine turning a large, four-bladed propeller.

The sound of the engine starting up might be a little painful, but it gets the motor going.

Thunderbolt Engine Start

Once that powerful R-2800 is warmed off, it’s down the runway and into the sky!

Thunderbolt Takeoff

And a pair of Jugs take to the air and then return to “beat up the field” with some low altitude fly-bys. Imagine a dozen of these machines overhead at once!

Thunderbolts Fly-by

And after the mission it is time to return to base, as seen here with a pair of P-47’s that land and then taxi back in.

Thunderbolts Landing

There it is, from start to finish, the sounds of the mighty P-47 Thunderbolt! Frisky flew 1.749 missions during the war from April, 1944, to May, 1945, generating a total of 17,866 sorties. That’s a whole lot of Thunderbolt sound to fill the skies and make the ground rumble!

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