Ready to Fly!

Who knows what unknown historical treasures are yet to be discovered?  Or rediscovered, for that matter.  Here’s one you may not have seen, shared for what it is worth.

In June of 1944, the 371st Fighter Group began combat operations based on the Continent, at Advanced Landing Ground A-6 near the famed Sainte-Mère-Église.  There are some images of the group when it was based there, and even some film footage.

Note in the nine-second film clip below a P-47D Thunderbolt fighter-bomber of the 404th Fighter Squadron (squadron code 9Q) armed with 500-lb bombs  as it rolls over a slightly undulating taxiway enroute to the active runway.  A-6 was an expeditionary airfield which used square mesh track (SMT) as a surface, and as seen in this short film clip it accomplished its purpose in providing an effective surface for air operations.

Also notice at the end of the clip another P-47 with Armorers preparing it for another mission.  Some type of nose art is seen on the cowling, and seems to be a Native American Indian. A name appears to be written on the white ring on the leading edge of the cowling.  Perhaps it is “Geronimo.”

Hopefully more Frisky photos and film will emerge and be shared to help tell his story and remember those who served and sacrificed for the freedoms we still enjoy today.  With the way the world is today, one might think of the old warning that those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it.  It would be better not to repeat another world war experience, so let us do what we can to remember…

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