Victory in Euope Day (VE-Day)

On this day, 8 May, back in 1945, the war in Europe ended.  After more than five years of fighting and bloodshed, the war which Nazi Germany started ended.

The members of the 371st Fighter Group were newly ensconced at an airfield in Bavaria not far from Nürnberg (Nuremberg).  Nuremberg was where the Nazi Party had its huge pre-war rallies before the war, the place where German Jews and other non Aryans were stripped of their citizenship and where after the war the International Military Tribunal held the trials against Nazi war criminals.

But on 8 May, Frisky could be satisfied with a job well done in helping defeat fascism, though not without cost.  To learn more about what the 371st Fighter Group accomplished during its combat tour in the European Theater of Operations, see the 142nd Fighter Wing webpage and the article titled “We Remember Victory in Europe Day (VE-Day), 1945” at:


Nuremberg, Wikipedia entry, at:

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