Frisky’s Thanksgiving, 1944

Across the group, a sample of Frisky’s Thanksgiving Day, 1944 activities, Thursday, 23 November 1944, shortly after the group returned to Dole Airfield from Dijon Airfield, following the flooding at Dole earlier in the month:

371st Fighter Group Official History, November 1944
Nineteen replacement pilots arrived and were assigned squadrons. Everyone had plenty of turkey and other good things for Thanksgiving, but very little other celebrating took place.

371st Fighter Group hand-written War Diary, 23 November 1944
Nineteen replacement pilots arrived today and assigned as follows4 to 404th, 3 to 405th and 10 to 406th. Only 17 of the 19 pilots arrived and all squadrons enjoyed a good turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.

404th Fighter Squadron
“…six more replacements arrived just in time to partake of the gala Thanksgiving fare. At the party, attended by such group dignitaries as Col. Kleine, Lt. Col. Bacon, Major Hughes, and Major Schill, the new replacements were solemnly assured that they were attending an unusual and not a usual event.

The new men, all 2nd Lts., are George E. Kaspar, Darrel G. Shumard, Daniel A. Maynik, Robert A. Latchin, William P. Swanton and Alfred Thalmann.

405th Fighter Squadron
No mention of Thanksgiving in the November, 1944 squadron history.

406th Fighter Squadron
1st Lt. Jack, 2nd Lt. Clausen, O’Brien, Comelli, Byrne, Myers, Clark, Kirkland and Neale asgd and jd 23 Nov.

No flying due to adverse weather conditions.

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