Frisky Remembers the Purple Heart

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Today is the anniversary of the establishment of the Purple Heart award, created by General Order of General George Washington on August 7, 1782.  For a complete history on the award, see:

According to the Military Order of the Purple Heart webpage, “the Purple Heart is awarded to members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration.”

For more information on the Military Order of the Purple Heart organization, for which some readers of this posting may be eligible to join, please see:


A number of 371st Fighter Group Members are listed as receiving the Purple Heart in the group’s warbook, “The Story of the 371st Fighter Group in the E.T.O.”  (Hat tip to Mr. Robert H. Jones, 404th Fighter Squadron, for loaning us his copy of this hard-to-find book – we will return it soon!)


According to the group’s warbook, originally published by Army & Navy Pictorial Publishers, Baton Rouge, LA, 1946, the following men of the group were awarded the Purple Heart. 

Please note these names are probably only the Purple Hearts given to the living and available to receive the award during the war.  Most of the names of the honored dead lost in action (55 names, see an earlier posting on this blog titled “Frisky Remembers the 371st Fighter Group on Memorial Day, May 27, 2013” for a full list), who were most surely awarded the Purple Heart posthumously, are not reflected in these listings.  Nor are the names listed for a number of 371st men wounded in action, which can be found throughout the various chapters in the warbook.  But formally listed as Purple Heart award recipients are the following men, shown on the warbook page indicated:


371st Fighter Group (Call Sign Van Dyke, on page 72)

Daley, William 371FG KIFA 9 Sep 44

Lt Col. William J. Daley, 371FG, recipient of the Purple Heart.

Lt Col. William J. Daley (Killed September 9, 1944, in taxiing accident at Coulommiers, France)


404th Fighter Squadron (Call Sign Kismet, on page 96)

Hohl, Harry 404FS KIA 2 Jan 45

Capt. Harry W. Hohl, Jr., 404FS, a recipient of the         Purple Heart.

Capt Harry W. Hohl, Jr. (Killed in action over Eastern France, January 2, 1945)

1st Lt. Willis R. Brown

1st Lt. Wesley R. Izzard

1st Lt. Daniel A. Naymik


405th Fighter Squadron (Call Sign Discharge, on page 118)

1st Lt. Leon L. Hooper

2nd Lt. James L. Kendall, Jr.


406th Fighter Squadron (Call Sign Yearling, on page 144)

Major Edmond A. Goolsbee

1st Lt. Robert W. Meade

1st Lt. Henry W. Parslow

1st Lt. Henry A. Pax


With time and effort we hope to compile a more complete listing of 371st Fighter Group members who received the honored Purple Heart award during WWII.  We appreciate anyone contributing information, documents, and/or pictures to help in this effort.

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4 Responses to Frisky Remembers the Purple Heart

  1. P. H. Nerney says:

    My name is Paul H. Nerney III, my uncle Frederick W. Nerney is listed as a recipient of a PH.
    I wanted to clear up a small error on the date listed as KIA.
    The date is listed as March 13, 1945.
    The actual date he was KIA is March 19, 1945.
    Thanks and keep up the fine work you do.

    • 371fg says:

      Hello, Paul,
      Thank you for the correction, and the positive feedback – I will make an update to that posting. Information came from “The Story of the 371st Fighter Group in the ETO,” but that is not necessarily the last word on facts.

  2. Sue Clark says:

    Thank you for posting a photo of my relative Harry Hohl. I have a copy of memories about him from his best friend, which was probably read at his memorial service.

    “Memories of Harry HOHL [Jr.] by friend W. C. TUTWILER

    “Harry HOHL [Jr.] and I became acquainted in our freshman year of high school at Rochester, Pennsylvania. We became close friends and remained so until we entered the United States Air Force in World War II. His nickname was “Click” and all of his friends called him so. I can’t recall where he picked up that nickname, but it was his preference to be called by it. Harry, myself, and Edward WILSON were a close trio all through high school. Our common interest was the outdoors. We hunted small game, trapped furbearers, fished, camped, and canoed on the rivers. Harry’s father was a milkman, whose route was in Rochester, where I resided. During the fall and winter months, Harry would go with his Dad on Saturday mornings on the milk route. they would get to my home about 8:00 AM and he would then drop off. We would walk to his home on Sunflower Road through Irvin’s Hollow. We would spend our Saturdays out in the woods hunting, moving our trap lines, or just hiking. Harry was a very bright individual, quick witted and mild mannered. He was always quick to attempt anything new or challenging. I shall always remember him as one of my closest friends.” – W. C. TUTWILER.”

    The plane that Harry piloted was a Mustang P-51.

    • 371fg says:

      Hello, Ms. Clark,
      Thank you for the feedback on your relative. It speaks well of you to remember his service and sacrifice for our country!

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