Frisky remembers the 371st Fighter Group on Memorial Day, May 27th, 2013

Memorial Day is the day we remember those who have fallen to defend us and our freedom.  Certainly, the members of the 371st Fighter Group who fell in battle in the Second World War, who were killed or remain missing, ought to be remembered by the citizens of a grateful nation.

The roster of the lost in the book, “The Story of the 371st Fighter Group in the E.T.O.,” contains 55 honored names.  They were officer, NCO and enlisted man.  They were pilots and ground echelon; they were sons, brothers, fathers, and more; they were someone to somebody, family, friend, classmate, co-worker, etc.  They came from all corners of the United States, and even some from outside, to fight for our liberty against the threat of fascist evil.  But they were all patriots who answered the call to duty and served our country to their last full measure of devotion.  Let us always honor their service and sacrifice.

Allen, Macey E., CPL, 404th Fighter Squadron, from Huntsville, Alabama, KBEA, March 29, 1945, in a fort near Metz, France

Angst, Theodore R., 2ND LT, 405FS, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, KIFA, April 18, 1945, near Darmstadt, Germany

Bailey, John E., 2ND LT, 404FS, from Whitefield, New Hampshire, KIA, July 30, 1944, over France

Bales, William T., Jr., CAPT, Group HQ, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, MIA, April 13, 1945, over Germany

Banks, Glenn O., 1ST LT, 404FS, from Ponea, Oklahoma, KIA, July 17, 1944, near Quettou, France

Bilstin, Leon, CAPT, 405 and 406FS, from Los Angeles, California, KIA, September, 1944, with the 362nd Fighter Group

Booth, Robert A., 1ST LT, 405FS, from Oakville, Connecticut, KIA, October 27, 1944, on food drop mission near St. Die, in P-47D 42-76477

Boyle, Charles J. Jr., F/O, 404FS, Worchester, Massachusetts, KIA, February 27, 1945, near Metz, France

Bridges, Doctor S., 1ST LT, 406FS, from Henrietta, North Carolina, KIA, March 23, 1945, near Germersheim, Germany

Bunting, Joseph A., 1ST LT, 405FS, from St. Petersburg, Florida, MIA, April 4, 1945, over Germany

Calish, Sumner J., 2ND LT, 406FS, from Brighton, Massachusetts, KIA, August 24, 1944, over France

Chandler, Fred T., SGT, 404FS,from Slater, South Carolina, KBEA, March 29, 1945, in fort near Metz, France

Clark, Bradley B., 2ND LT, 406FS, from Mt. Vernon, New York, KIA, December 23, 1944, at Tantonville, France, on return from mission

Daley, William J., LT COL, Group HQ, from Amarillo, Texas, KIFA September 9, 1944, in taxing accident at Coulommiers, France

Delaney, Sanders E., LT COL, 406FS, from Litchfield, Illinois, KIFA, June 5, 1945, in L-5 crash near Nuremburg, Germany

Feit, Herbert, PFC, 406FS, from New York, New York, Missing April 1, 1945, near Metz, France

Fisher, Walter K., CAPT, 404FS, from Westerville, Ohio, MIA April 7, 1945, over Germany

Fletcher, Charles R., 2ND LT, 404FS, from Holton, Kansas, KIA, April 7, 1945, during engagement with enemy aircraft over Germany

Franklin, Elkin L., CAPT, 404FS, from St. Louis, Missouri, MIA, April 20, 1944, over Italy

Goodman, George M., S/SGT, from Richmond, Virginia, died in line of duty, August 24, 1944, near LaCambe, France

Gorman, William, F/O, 405FS, from Brooklyn, New York, MIA, August 7, 1944, over St. Nazaire, France – Postwar Determined Dead

Gray, Rockford V., MAJ, Group HQ, from Dallas, Texas, KIA, September 4, 1944, at St. Mere Eglise, France, while returning from a mission

Harris, Christo G., 2ND LT, 404FS, from Los Angeles, California, MIA, March 16, 1945, over Germany

Hayes, Edward J., CAPT, 405FS, from Independence, Kentucky, KIA, November 1, 1944, over eastern France

Hess, Charles E., 2ND LT, 405FS, from Mt. Vernon, New York, MIA, December 22, 1944, over Germany

Hohl, Harry W., Jr., CAPT, 404FS, from New Brighton, Pennsylvania, KIA, January 2, 1945, over eastern France

Holm, Wayne L., 2ND LT, 405FS, from Portland, Oregon, MIA January 2, 1945, over Germany – Postwar Determined Dead

Humphreys, Edwin S., F/O, 404FS, from Chicago, Illinois, MIA, June 8, 1944, over France – Postwar Determined Dead

Jorgenson, William, Jr., 2ND LT, 405FS, from Waterloo, Iowa, KIA, August 25, 1944, near Troyes, France

Lamb, William R., CAPT, 404FS, from Chateaugay, New York, KIFA, January 14, 1945, near Epinal, France

Leach Ernest W., 1ST LT, 405FS, from Dennisport, Massachusetts, KIA, August 9, 1944, over France

Leonard, John W., LT COL, 405FS, from St. Petersburg, Florida, DOWRIA, January 5, 1945, over Germany

McWilliams, Jack T., 1ST LT, 405FS, from Somers, Montana, MIA, January 14, 1945, over Germany

Mezzetti, Robert A., 2ND LT, 405FS, from San Antonio, Texas, KIA, August 2, 1944, over France

Motherway, John W., 2ND LT, 406FS, from Springfield, Massachusetts, MIA, March 1, 1945, over Germany

Mueller, William J., CAPT, 404FS, from Robbinsdale, Minnesota, KIA, July 31, 1944, at Mortain, France

Murphy, Chester M., 2ND LT, from Landis, North Carolina, DOWNC, March 4, 1945, at Metz, France

Murphy, John F., 2ND LT, 404FS, from Bonita Springs, Florida, DOWNC, March 4, 1945, at Metz, France

Nerney, Frederick W., 2ND LT, 406FS, from Attleboro, Massachusetts, KIA, March 19, 1945, over Rhine Palatinate, Germany

Pieck, George D., CAPT, 404FS, from Clarksdale, Mississippi, MIA, August 10, 1944, over France

Pollingue, Alvin M., 2ND LT, 405FS, from Vineland, New Jersey, KIA, July 17, 1944, while strafing a train in France

Rector, Gerry S., 2ND LT, 405FS, MIA, April 4, 1945, over Germany

Salmi, Uno, CAPT, 406FS, from Lake Charles, Louisiana, MIA, June 16, 1944, near St. Lo, France – Postwar Determined Dead

Sample, Harry M., CAPT, 404FS, from Houston, Texas, KIFA, October 29, 1944, one mile SE of Le Lox, France, while on local flight in P-47D 42-76366.

Sanderson, Eugene E., 2ND LT, 405FS, KIFA, April 12, 1944, while on engineering test hop at Bisterne, England

Shepard, John H., 1ST LT, 406FS, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, KIA, June 18, 1944, near St. Saveur, France

Sparks, Charles P., 1ST LT, 406FS, from Swayzee, Indiana, KIA, October 15, 1944, in engagement with enemy aircraft near Strasbourg, France

Spicer, Harold H., 1ST LT, 405FS, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, KIA, March 18, 1945, near Metz Airdrome, on return from mission over Germany

Springer, George W., 2 ND LT, 406FS, from Seneca, Kansas, KIA, October 17, 1944, over Germany

Strahlendorf, Harry W., 1ST LT, 404FS, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, KIA, June 24, 1944, over Normandy

Unruh, Victor L., 2ND LT, 406FS, from Pawnee Rock, Kansas, MIA, June 21, 1944, while returning from escort mission to Berlin, Germany

Voss, John, SGT, 406FS, KIGA, September 10, 1944, motor accident near St. Dizier, France

Webster, Spencer A., T/SGT, 406FS, KIGA, September 10, 1944, motor accident near St. Dizier, France

Weller, John G., 2ND LT, 406FS, from Chicago, Illinois, KIA, August 9, 1944, over France

Wieczorek, Henry, 1ST LT, 406FS, from Elyria, Ohio, KIA, January 22, 1945, in eastern France

DOWNC = Died Of Wounds, Non-Combat

DOWRIA = Died Of Wounds Received In Action

KIA = Killed In Action

KIFA = Killed In Flying Accident

KIGA = Killed In Ground Accident

MIA = Missing In Action

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2 Responses to Frisky remembers the 371st Fighter Group on Memorial Day, May 27th, 2013

  1. Greetings. I’m a researcher at AAFHA and we get e-mail from people around the world. This gentleman in France is looking for some more information. Perhaps you can reach out to him:

    From: Roland PRIEUR []
    Sent: Friday, August 16, 2013 6:07 AM
    Subject: Looking for Unit Information

    I am trying to locate a WWII crash site in France : 1stLt William R Lamb, 404 FS, 371 FG, was KIA in the crash of his P-47, on 14 January 1945, near Epinal France. Local patriotic associations want to erect a memorial on the site.
    Your help is appreciated.

    Roland B. Prieur

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