A Yearling Working on the Railroad

Certainly many of Frisky’s P-47 Pilots could be said to have been “working on the railroad” during the Second World War.  Evidence of this can be found in gun camera film clips now available for view, or even purchase if one wishes, at the Critical Past website.

The clip below is that of 406th Fighter Squadron (code named Yearling) P-47 pilot Lieutenant D. Neale, and was taken on 21 February 1945.  Other related 371st Fighter Group gun camera film clips for the 406th, as well as the 405th and 404th, are available for view on this website.  Although without any accompanying sound, these gun camera film clips do give some insight and perspective on the hazardous low-level strafing attacks carried out by Frisky’s pilots in the European Theater of Operations.


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4 Responses to A Yearling Working on the Railroad

  1. Tim Mooney says:

    Enjoyed the clip. Did you guys (the 371st) have any P-47s belly-in anywhere east of the Rhine (from Mainz up to the Ruhr Basin) or near Stuttgart on 21 Feb 1945? If so, I’d be grateful for any additional info you could provide me. Thanks!

  2. Tim Mooney says:

    There’s actually an addendum to this question: IF this is the right date, the Lt. who bellied-in his P-47 wasn’t killed in the crash–a pilot from the 315th saw his plane, landed on the nearby farm-road, and with the help of a [12] year-old German farm boy, extracted the dazed pilot from his wrecked airplane, loaded him into his own P-47, and dropped him off to an ambulance crew on the American side of the Rhine (possibly at Hagenau).
    The pilot who went down would have been taller than 5’6″, and have weighed more than 160. He might have been carried temporarily as “MIA”, since his flight probably headed home without him (standard procedure) when he failed to show up at the RNDZ-VOUS point, and he may have had a concussion, since the 315th pilot who gave him a ride back said he was slumping in the cockpit, and he didn’t remember him saying anything.
    Name of the pilot who got the ride back, & his unit, Unknown to the pilot from the 315th who provided the transportation..

    • 371fg says:

      Hello, Tim,
      Will add this to the info to make a check on your question. Is 315 a USAF or RAF/Polish fighter squadron?

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