371st Fighter Group Oral History

It’s a good thing that there is some documented history of the 371st Fighter Group to help preserve and share about the heritage of the unit, such as that found in the “Blue Book” and the several individual accounts group members have written, which have been described below.

But there was a lot more going on in the group to make combat airpower happen, and everyone in the ground and air echelons have stories about how they made that possible.  They all have fascinating stories (even if they don’t think they are very interesting) which are unrecorded, and will remain so, unless these group veterans and/or their family members make the effort to record their stories.  Family members, you may have the only stories about your 371FG veteran that are able to be preserved for posterity, so please do consider this!

An example of a university effort to gather oral history from 371FG veterans is at the link at the bottom of this blog’s front page down below, a University of Tennessee Knoxville interview in 2001 of 406th Fighter Squadron P-47 pilot John W. Nipper.

If you are wondering how accomplish an oral history, consider the Veterans History Project, which encourages vets to record their service experiences and send them on to the Library of Congress.  Whether or not one wishes to send their story to the Library of Congress, the website for this project has helpful guidance and tips to accomplish historical interviews.   See their website at:


So, 371st Fighter Group sportsfans, please be encouraged to make an effort and record your stories!  If you know any other 371st Fighter Group members and/or family members who aren’t aware of this site and this oral history initiative, please spread the word!

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