And another 371FG-related Book!

Bob Izzard of the group’s 404th Fighter Squadron wrote not one, but two books that told the story of his service experience.  In addition to the book mentioned last week, he also wrote “Winged Boot,” in which he shared the tale of his evasion after being shot down over France on June 8, 1944, just after D-Day.  The book is 202 pages long, with ten pictures and a map, published by Tangleaire Press, Amarillo, Texas, 1994.  He dedicated it to Mm. Yvonne Herubel, “Who risked her life, that others could fly and fight again.”  In his account he honors Mm. Herubel, as well as other named brave French citizens, who “By their actions they kept the beacon of freedom alive during France’s darkest hour.”

by Bob Izzard, Tangleaire Press, 1994


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