Perthes Airfield it was called in the orders to move, or A-65, but most of the 371st Fighter Group seemed to call it St. Dizier.  By whatever name, in September, 1944, the 371st Fighter Group moved from Beuzeville/A-6/La Londe to this new field more than 100 miles east.  It was an old French air depot, also used by the Germans before Patton’s Third Army evicted them.  It was a 5,000′ grass strip good enough in fair weather, with permanent buildings that were used for living quarters – a first for the group since moving overseas in early 1944.  By September 18th, the planes and all but a few of the men arrived.  Also going to St. Dizier was the group’s young ward, Yvette Hamel.  All were present by the 23rd of September, when word came down that the group would soon be moving again – this was the only day from the end of August to late December, 1944 in which all group members would be present on the same base at the same time…

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